thinc 101

thinc design is Tocher Heyblom Design Inc. We are a landscape architecture, planning and urban design consulting practice. thinc’s specialization is to provide innovative and implementable design solutions for both large and small scale projects from the initial concept stage through to construction implementation. This includes design, approvals, construction documents and contract administration. We specialize in municipal infrastructure and public realm projects including parks, waterfronts and streetscapes, as well as commercial, multi-residential and institutional properties.


Exciting and innovative, yet implementable are a cornerstone of thinc design’s philosophy. Fully detailed, accurate and complete construction document packages are a must to ensure a project is constructed as intended, while being delivered on time and on budget. We work closely with all team members and disciplines to ensure every aspect of the design is properly coordinated and meet the most current landscape construction standards.


Whether it’s community buy-in, endorsement by council, site plan approval, a streetscape permit, or building permit, our goal is to help facilitate approvals by all regulating authorities. Clear, concise, accurate and technically sound drawings and reports are a key deliverable that thinc design provides to assist our clients in completing this important step.

contract docs

From sites of a few square metres to hundreds of hectares, the partners of thinc design have a wealth of experience tackling complex and exciting landscapes using a range of materials. Collaboration with allied professionals including engineering, environmental and communication consultants is a key aspect of the design approach employed on all assignments to ensure all aspects of the project are considered.

contract admin

Michael Tocher and Peter Heyblom have been directly responsible for administering contracts for some of Ontario’s largest and most exciting public realm projects. Experienced and detail oriented, thinc design is thorough, attentive and detail oriented and will manage the project to ensure the client receives maximum value.