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thinc 101

thinc design is Tocher Heyblom Design Inc.,  an award winning landscape architecture, planning and urban design consulting practice providing professional consulting services from initial planning through to construction implementation. This includes master planning, community engagement, design, approvals, construction documents and contract administration.

We specialize in municipal infrastructure, parks and recreation master plans and public realm projects including parks, waterfronts, trails and streetscapes. We also undertake mixed use, multi-unit residential and institutional projects.

our core values

enhancing well being

Creating spaces that improve people’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being

environmental sustainability

Supporting environmental sustainability in the design and construction of spaces

meaningful work and relationships

Engaging in meaningful work with meaningful people, driven by a care for people’s happiness

innovative problem solving

Inventing solutions for difficult issues, seeking hidden relationships in design problems

positive impact

Doing work that positively impacts both people and the environment

continual learning

Committing to learning and growing through the work process

keep the context!

Creating spaces that are contextual and relevant to the surroundings

our mission

To elevate people and the environment through sustainable, high-quality planning and design

Our office believes in creating sustainable walkable communities integrated with vibrant outdoor spaces. Every creation is an opportunity for aggregate community building (the partners have been witnessing the transformation of Ontario over their entire careers).

guiding vision

Harnessing the unseen to create unique solutions

What is thinc’s why? Why do we do this? Design is a difficult process. Our first belief is that humanity and the environment benefits from well designed elements. Using this passion we define, create, and plan inspiring and beautiful spaces. These examples of what we’ve accomplished allow us to call ourselves Landscape Architects and Planners. We are not designers who do work. We are designers, because of our work. Our vision to look at the unseen to find solutions.

what we do

master planning

Our master planning experience extends across a broad spectrum of project types and landscapes including both urban and rural environments. This includes parks, waterfronts, trails, parks and recreation, streetscapes and development. Our plans are innovative and detailed with a focus on providing realistic recommendations with a blueprint for implementation.

community engagement

A key aspect of our approach is collaborating with team members, key stakeholders and the community to identify issues, share ideas, develop options, and provide practical and innovative solutions. We pride ourselves on executing an open and collaborative process that allows everyone to be informed, involved and contribute to the project.


Exciting and implementable is a cornerstone of our philosophy. Fully detailed, accurate and complete construction document packages are a must to ensure a project is constructed as intended while being delivered on time and on budget. We work closely with all team members and disciplines to ensure every aspect of the design is properly coordinated and meets the most current landscape construction standards.


Whether it is community buy-in, endorsement by council, site plan approval, or a permit for construction, our goal is to help facilitate approvals by all regulating authorities. Clear, concise, accurate and technically sound drawings and reports are a key deliverable we provide to assist our clients in completing this important step.

contract docs

From sites of a few square metres to hundreds of hectares, we have a wealth of experience tackling complex and exciting landscapes using a range of materials. Collaboration with allied professionals including engineering, environmental and communication consultants is a key aspect of the design approach employed on all assignments to ensure all aspects of the project are considered.

contract admin

Our team has been directly responsible for administering contracts for some of Ontario’s largest and most exciting public realm projects. Experienced and detail oriented, our team is thorough, attentive and will manage the project to ensure the client receives the maximum value.

our culture

A colleague once said to us, ‘surround yourself with people better than you’. This is what we’ve done. Our team is the lifeblood of our firm.

thinc’s corporate DNA integrates a commitment to both environmental and social sustainability inherent in all our work. Our office promotes social diversity not only in the design of its spaces but also in the way the office is managed. We have a broad group of voices that inform and interact, creating a dynamic work environment which inspires innovative ideas.

thinc's social tenets

As a small business we recognize the importance of our social responsibilities. These goals are evolving as we grow, but we are constantly striving. Below are some social and environmental tenets that we value and continue to encourage.

Ethical Conduct:

Social responsibility begins with maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. This involves acting with honesty, integrity, and fairness in all our business practices, interactions with stakeholders, and decision-making processes.

Community Engagement:

We are actively engaged with the local and provincial communities across Ontario. This includes supporting community development initiatives, promoting inclusivity, and contributing to the well-being of society through the creation of valuable spaces.

Environmental Stewardship:

We recognize the impact of business operations on the environment. thinc is committed to social responsibility striving to minimize our ecological footprint, adopting sustainable practices, and taking proactive measures to protect natural resources and biodiversity. Our office is located in a walkable community. Many of our staff walk or ride a bike to work. Others are encouraged to take public transit. As well we have a mobile office, where staff can work from home (or wherever the digital nomad landscape takes them).

Here’s our formal sustainability policy.

Employee Well-Being:

Valuing the well-being of employees is vital. This involves providing a safe and inclusive work environment, offering fair wages, promoting work-life balance, supporting professional growth, and ensuring diversity and equal opportunities for all employees. thinc has a wellness committee which promotes many beneficial activities to improve the soul.

Transparency and Accountability:

We practice transparency in our operations, being open and honest with stakeholders about their actions, impacts, and challenges. Additionally, we take accountability for our decisions and commitments. We are evolving our social and environmental goals.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

thinc design is profoundly committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). We take DEI seriously and intend to create safe spaces for all.

Here’s our formal DEI policy